A baby buggy is one of the most important elements of a baby’s layette. Future mothers, at the very first stage of their pregnancy, often wonder which baby buggy to choose. And rightly so –finally, it will serve a toddler for several years. So what to consider when shopping? What is worth paying attention to? See our advice!
What is important when choosing a baby buggy
Choosing the right baby buggy is just as important forthe parents as it is for the baby. Therefore, you should pay attention to a few important issues that will significantly affect the quality of driving as well as the child’s comfort. First of all, workmanship – before buying, pay attention tothe materials the stroller or pram is made of. The type of material and the quality of workmanship should be solid enough to successfully survive several years of continuous use. Also, do not forget about the handle – it must be comfortable for both parents, it will definitely increase the comfort of driving, and make family walks more pleasant. Secondly, the weight – lighter strollers or prams are usually better operated, especially for mothers. If we do not have an elevator in a residential building and we have to repeatedly carry the stroller down the stairs every time you go for a walk, light weight will certainly be a great advantage. The same is true during the holidays – carrying the pram, putting it in the trunk, plane, train – the weight again turns out to matter a lot. Also, what you may need to consider is whether the load is distributed well in the baby buggy–it has a very large impact on its maneuverability.
Third, the wheels – smaller wheel sizes usually work better in the city, on flat surfaces, while the large ones prove well off-road. However, we use the baby buggy in different circumstances, so you have to find a compromise. The best alternative is gel wheels. They are good to drive, have great shock absorption, are resistant to damage and… they do not need to be pumped!
The perfect baby buggy– what else is important? Of course, there are also aesthetic aspects. We must feel comfortable driving it. The buggy should match your style and character. Fortunately, Bexa has an extremely wide range ofbaby buggies to choose from. We offer multi-coloured, pastel, subdued buggies, as well as such with the latest designs in fashion.
What’s more, all of the above-mentioned features can also be found in Bex ‘s baby buggies. They will significantly improve the time spent with your little one. Bexa prams are perfect for long walks in all conditions, at any time of the year.
You must know that convenience, comfort and safety are our highest priority; and high quality, unique design and attention to detail are our distinguishing features. We have designed Bexa buggies for both babies and parents. They are characterized by a lightweight structure, decent cushioning, universal wheels and functionalities that you will love to explore during your first walk! Don’t hesitate to check our offer.