A carefully chosen 3in1 baby buggy is the only one you need for your child. A set with a carrycot, stroller and car seat is a convenient and economical solution used by many conscious parents. However, so that you could enjoy using the stroller for years, you need to care about its regular maintenance. How to do it? Get our advice!
How to care for the baby buggy?
We use the baby buggy practically every day, so it is normal that many of its elements are naturally gettingexploited. That is why it is so important to take care of your toddler’s buggy. Maintenance and care will help to extend the stroller’s life and its good condition.
How to properly care for the baby buggy?
First of all – take care of the wheels!
If this part is damaged, the buggy won’t work properly or at all. This is why special attention should be paid to the wheels. What is the most important thing to remember?Check the condition of wear of the wheels regularly, – systematically clean the wheels of dust, sand and mud, – maintain wheel axles, – check bolt clearances, -If there are metal elements at the wheels, remember to wipe them dry after a walk in the rain or snow to prevent them from getting rusted.
Second – take care of the frame!
The frame is basically the backbone of a baby buggy, so taking care of it is just as important as the wheels. How to do it? – do not overload the baby buggy above the manufacturer’s recommendations – too much weight can seriously damage the frame, and therefore – the entire stroller,- after a walk in stronger rain or snow, always wipe the frame dry,- don’t use strong agents that can cause corrosion when cleaning the structure,- always maintain all movable elements of the frame in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations – you will definitely find them in the manual,- check and tighten all elements mounted on screws or threads,- always fold the stroller in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations,- when packing the baby buggy in the trunk or the plane, try to avoid mechanical damage and scratches,- if you notice any defect in the frame structure, contact the manufacturer immediately.
Third – remember to care for the upholstery.
The well-groomed upholstery of the baby buggy will surely add to your child’s enjoyment of use. That is why it would be good totake good care of it. Above all, you should: – read the manual carefully and check whatare the manufacturer recommendations about cleaning the upholstery, usually a soft cloth and a mild detergent are used for this purpose,- remember that machine-washed upholstery may significantly lose its form or color and water resistance,- read also the instructions on how to dry the upholstery,- prevent the baby bugger from excessive, long-term exposure to the sun, after repeated exposure of the material to sunlight, even one of the highest quality may slightly change its color.
We are also parents, so we know how important are the appropriate technical parameters, the highest quality materials, well-thought-out design, practical, intuitive solutions and maintenance. We want to respond 100% to the needs and expectations of our customers, which is why we take good care of the perfect execution of all our products with due diligence. The 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 baby buggies are a safe, comfortable and comprehensive solution that will serve your child for several years! That is why it is so important to approach the maintenance and care of the baby buggy in a fair manner.