Summer, sun, sea, sand, forests, mountains … holiday is a great time! A holiday with children means a lot of happiness and fun. However, for successfulsummer trips, you need to think of the right stroller for your kids. One that will facilitate travels and walks. What is such a buggy characterized by? What are the features of a safe holiday stroller? Keep reading– we explain everything.
Bexa – the companion of the best adventures!
Why is Bexa perfect for everyday use and holiday? Because each model is developed with the greatest care and attention to detail. We know what is important for parents and children – and we try tobring all these features intoour buggies.
Bexa is a stylish, original, modern and multi-functionalbaby bugger with a lightweight structure and large, stable, gel wheels. For this reason, you can explore seaside beaches, forest paths and winding streets of crowded cities without fear. Our baby buggies are perfect for long walks in all conditions, at any time of the year. Therefore, you can be sure that Bexa will be a good ‘companion’ for you during every trip.
Convenient functions in the baby buggies
You need to realize that some functions that may seem less important at first, are not so at all. The stroller that we want to take with us for a holiday should have a large, adjustable roof– this is to provide the child with both sun protection and access to fresh air. The seat adjustment is equally essential. When a toddler is carefully observing the surroundings,s/he can sit backand relax in a stroller, and when s/he falls asleep, you can put him down in a flatter position. Don’t forget about one more – a spacious bag for holidayknick-knacks. When we go to the beaches, it turns out that “knick-knacks” is the wrong word ???? Finally, you have to put towels, change clothes, a water bottle, your favorite toys somewhere… A shopping basket is downright necessary!What else will be useful on holiday? Rain cover! We all know how capricious the weather can be, so we should always have a cover with us. As well as a mosquito net that will protect your baby from insect bites. Luckily, both of these are included in the Bex ‘s stroller set!
3in1 baby buggies– a great alternative for holidays!
It is impossible to underestimate the 3-in-1 baby buggies during holiday trips. The models that we offer at Bexa consist of a light chassis, a carrycot for a newborn, a stroller seat and a car seat. Most importantly, owing to the included adapters, we can easily install the seat on the buggy frame, which will make up an extremely comfortable travel set. Moving a sleeping toddler from a seat to a stroller will never be a problem anymore–with this solution, you will move the child and the seat with a few steps without disturbing his sleep. The car seats we offer in 3-in-1 sets are suitable for children weighing 0-13 kg and intended for rearward-facing transport. They ensure optimal positioning of the toddler’s body, and thus comfort while traveling by car.
We hope to spend another holiday together! Check out ouroffer with a wide range of Bexa baby buggies. You will certainly find your dream one among them, which will be the perfect companion for Sunday family walks and distant, exotic journeys!